Responsibility: A person who is responsible meets the demands of duty, is accountable for the consequences of his or her choices, pursues excellence and exercises self-control.



Respect: A respectful person lives by the Golden Rule, accepts others who are different, lives and resolves conflicts peacefully, and shows courtesy to all.



Citizenship:  A good citizen does his/her share, contributes to the community, obeys rules and laws,respects authority, and cooperates with others.  Citizenship is being a person who is involved in trying to make the classroom, the playground, the athletic competition, their community, and the world a better place.



Kindness and Caring:  A caring person shows a deep concern for others and is charitable.  A caring person is compassionate, kind, loving, and considerate.



Honesty:  An honest person is a person of integrity.  He/She is truthful and sincere in all environments and situations.



Trustworthiness: A person who is trustworthy lives with integrity and is honest, reliable, and loyal.



Perseverance:  A person who perseveres gets things done, has goals that matters to him/her, and stays focused on them.  He/she never gives up no matter how hard it gets.



Fairness:  A fair person treats others equally, takes turns, plays by the rules, and is open-minded.



Wisdom and Humility: Wisdom is the master virtue, the one that steers the others. Wisdom tells us how to put the virtues into practice; it tells us when and how to act.

Humility is the virtue of striving for virtue.  Humility allows us to see ourselves, flaws and all, and to grow in character as we make positive changes.











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