Adolfo Chitic Aguilar

Family:  Adolfo Chitic Aguilar was born on August 31, 2000.  Anthony is the son of Filipe, and Elena Chitic Aguilar.  Adolfo has two brothers at Demoney Elementary, one older brother, and an older sister.  Adolfo moved to Estherville in 2018 from Minnesota. Adolfo has been chosen to represent the character trait of “fairness” due to his willingness to give everyone a chance in his classroom groups and friendships.  Adolfo is soft spoken, but a positive person who is always doing the right thing in life to help others and himself succeed.


Likes / Interests:  Adolfo is not a big sports fan but enjoys playing soccer with friends.  Adolfo is a fan of music and enjoys playing the guitar. He is just learning but having fun with it.  Adolfo is an artist and his creative side shows in his pencil drawings.


When not at school, Adolfo’s family likes to go out and eat together, with their favorite being the Mexican restaurants, and Pizza Ranch.  Adolfo’s family also enjoys watching movies together and looks forward to seeing his family again in Guatemala. Adolfo misses the food from his home country along with his family.


Adolfo was chosen by an ELC High School staff member to represent the character trait of “fairness” due to his actions in the school.  Adolfo is a model student for anyone struggling to learn the English language. Adolfo has learned to speak very good English in only four years.


Adolfo represents the character traits of “fairness” every day through the way he treats both peers and adults.  Adolfo believes, “Fairness means doing good things and being fair with everyone. A fair person does good things.”


When Adolfo was asked about his time so far at ELC and how it has shaped him as a person he stated, “Estherville and ELC are both good places to be; we get good help in school.  The town is a place that has fun things to do and is not too big. I enjoy all of the parks.” At ELC Adolfo’s favorite teacher so far is Ms. Edlin because “she has helped me a lot in learning the language.  Ms. Edlin has given me a good future.” Adolfo also named Mrs. Frideres because “I enjoy personal finance and the stuff she teaches me about the world.”


In the future Adolfo would like to get a job for awhile and then possibly study music or art.  Adofo states the best job would be to be in the music industry producing music.


When asked about Adolfo as a student and person of character, ELC English teacher Kim Sorbo stated, “Adolfo has overcome so much in terms of being a non-English speaker.  He always has high quality work done that he puts a lot of thought into. Adolfo can always be counted on to help other students when needed and has embraced his role as a student at ELC.”


The ELC School District, KILR, and the community of Estherville would like thank Adolfo Chitic Aguilar for being a person of character and leadership!



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