ELC students show examples of citizenship

ELC students show examples of Citizenship

Alexandra Martinez - Alexandra is the daughter of Arnulfo and Araceli Martinez. Alexandra is always willing to help clean up after center time, and uses her listening ears after carpet time.


Cameron Inman - Cameron is the son of Chris and Alex Inman. Cameron is the first to offer to help anyone, whether in the classroom or on the playground.


Bentley Jones - The son of Heather Heidecker and Adam Jones.  Bentley is always willing to help others.  He can tell when someone needs help by their facial expressions and body language. He helps without being asked to help.


Hayden Hoffman - Hayden is the son of Chris Hoffman and Ashley Huntley.  Hayden is a hard worker and consistently makes sure his classmates are up to speed if they missed a step, and goes out of his way to genuinely help others-both students and teachers.  He knows the expectations and the reasons for those expectations.


Mia Olson - Mia is the daughter if Tim Olson and Michele Meister.  Mia works hard, helps others, and follows the rules.  She uses a very calm, quiet voice when working in the classroom. Mia plays nicely at recess.


Luke Heinrichs - Luke is the son of Randy and Lisa Heinrichs.  Luke shows citizenship by his willingness to help organize, lead and delegate tasks to others when working on a whole homeroom class activity.  He does what is asked of him and doesn't complain.  


Carsen Renze - Carsen is the daugher of Curt and Melony Renze.  She is willing to go above and beyond in the things that she does.  She follows rules, is respectful, kind, and cooperates well with others.  Carsen works hard in the classroom and in the court.  She wants to go into the Army to help our country and make the world a better place as well.


Elias Cuthbertson - Elias is the son of Mike and Kristen Cuthbertson.  Elias is willing to help anyone, in any way he can.  If someone needs help in the classroom, he is one of the first ones to help out. He makes sure people feel included, and always comes into the room with a smile on his face.


Dylan Harris - Dylan is the son of Rich and Brenda Harris.  He understands that laws and rules are put into place to help our society, school and classroom be a safe environment. He respects the rules and encourages others to do the same.  Dylan is always looking for ways to be a positive role model for his classmates.


Paislee Egel- Paislee is the daughter of Cody and LeeAnn Egel.  Paislee is always following the rules and willing to help out.  Her teachers loves that Paislee always has a smile on her face when they see her.  She demonstrates good citizenship by being a Girl Scout outside of school as well.


Braxton Shryock - Braxton is the grandson of Dennis and Bonnie Davis.  Braxton is one of the most polite students.  He is always willing to hold the door for someone, is very respectul, asks students about how their day is going and holds a genuine conversation with them.  Braxton looks on the bright side of things.  His interactions with others at ELC is such that he leaves other people with a smile on their face.  


Blake Evans - the son of Lee & Kieja.  Blake volunteered to to line judge at a Middle School Volleyball game when he noticed they were short one person.  He was focused and made great calls throughout the game.


Jasmine Diaz - Jasmine is the daughter of Yasaira and Joaquin Mata.  She is always positive and encouraging to all students.  Jasmine always has a smile for all students.  She makes everyone feel included in team work, and will work with anyone.


Kaitlyn Pollock - Kaitlyn is the daughter of Ted and Kristia Pollock.  In every classroom, Kaitlyln is focused on her work, and is always trying to learn new things.  She is a focused student, and there are big things ahead for her in the future. 


Grace Johnson - Grace is the daughter of Dave and Rebecca Johnson. She is an excellent leader during group work.  Grace can and will work with anyone.  She is task-oriented and is able to stay focused, even when those around her are not. 










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ELC students show examples of citizenship