ELC students show examples of responsibility

ELC students show examples of responsibility

**A person who is responsible meets the demands of duty, is responsible for the consequences of his or her choices, pursues excellence and exercises self-control.


Keera Tifft is the daughter of Nicole and Robert Tifft.  Keera picks up the toys and materials that she has been playing with and puts them away when she is done.


Kyran Hall is the son of Ket and Amber Hall.  Kyran is a responsible student in our classroom by following our rules and being a good example for his classmates.


Caroline Christensen is the daughter of Michael and Kelsie Christensen.  Caroline is a responsible student in our classroom by sitting quietly while the teacher is talking and waiting patiently for her turn.


Jaxon Doll is the son of  Jennifer and Kyle Doll.  Jaxon knows what to do in the classroom and out on the playground.


Michael Kirchner is the son of Amanda and Kris Kirchner.  Michael is responsible for himself, his belongings, and his jobs! 


Alana Olson is the daughter of Taylor and Amanda Olson.  Alana is always excited and positive about how much fun school is.  She is responsible, kind, and follows rules very well.


Adalynn Whitacre is the daughter of Wiley and Casie Whitacre.  Adalynn remembers her materials which models responsibility in the classroom. 


Rylee Clabaugh is the daughter of Bre Payne and Tyler Clabaugh.  Rylee is a big helper in the classroom, helping teachers and students. 


Emma Iverson is the daughter of Dorothy and Justin Stith.  Emma always helps clean up her materials as well as offering to help friends with theirs.


Blayke Friesner is the son of Kim Paplow and Brad Friesner.  Blayke follows the expectations in the classroom, and always has what he needs for his tasks.  When he sees someone who needs something - he feels responsible to help them out.


Eduardo Estudillo is the son of Jovita and Edgar Estudillo.  Eduardo does a great job remembering his materials and sets an example for the rest of the class.


Brooklyn Richard is the daughter of Keith and Erica Richard.  Brooklyn always knows what she needs out and remembers her homework folder daily.


Carlos Hernandez Morales is the son of Maria Morales and Jorge Hernandez.  Carlos is always prepared.


Kaylee DeWitt is the daughter of Elizabeth and Jeff Enderson.  Kaylee is always working hard.  She is also a high character kid and is always very friendly.


Armando Hernandez is the son of Fabiola and Armando Hernandez.  Armando always works hard to get his work done at home and at school. 


Sean Barrett is the son of Jamie Reiter and Dirk Barrett.  Sean brings his homework folder everyday, listens to and follows directions, and keeps me on track if I forget something.


Danica Fehr is the daughter of Eli and Carey Fehr.  Danica always brings her homework folder everyday.  She is always focused in class, follows directions, and helps others.


Gracie Fuller is the daughter of Calvin and Darilyn Fuller.  Gracie brings her homework and folder everyday, is listening and following directions and is ready to learn.










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ELC students show examples of responsibility