ELC students show examples of Kindness & Caring

ELC students show examples of Honesty

Leo Ludwig - Son of Bart and Jana Ludwig.  Leo is very honest and helpful in conflict resolution.  When asked about something that happened in the classroom or on the playground, he tells the whole story even when he does something wrong.


Maddex Ludwig - Son of Bart and Jana Ludwig.  Maddex does a great job of always telling the truth and is willing to remind others what they should be doing.  


Alyssa Rupp- daughter of David and Amanda Rupp.  Alyssa is always doing her job, and can always be counted on to be honest.


Grady Frideres - the son of Justin and Michelle Frideres.  Grady knows what is right and works hard to follow expectations.  He is honest about his choices and is willing to tell the truth even if he knows he is in the wrong.


Franklin Perdomo - the son of Maria Mazanegos and Franklin Perdomo.  Franklin is a very sincere student that makes great choices throughout the day at school.  He tells the truth and helps others problem-solve if they need it.  He does a great job at owning his actions and being accountable.


Aiden Hanson - the son of Cory Hanson and Tena Hanson. Whenever a truthful answer is needed, teachers know Aiden is a person who will be honest even in sticky situations.


Jasey Anderson - the daughter of Jeremy and Megan Anderson.  Jasey has consistently show that if you need the truth, you can count on her to be honest.  She shows this through integrity because it is now always easy to be truthful to your peers and adults.


Hope Pytleski - the daughter of Michelle LaVallie.  Hope is a mature young lady who always exhibits honesty.  Teachers trust her completely to be honest when asked a question.  Hope's honesty is appreciated, and her teachers look forward to seeing her each day in class.


Madealynn Petterson - the daughter of Luke and Melissa Petterson.  Madealynn is someone who can be counted on to tell the truth.  She is honest in regards to herself, as well as when she is asked about something in class.  She is willing to put herself out there, but does so without being rude or hurtful.


Haley Nissen - the daughter of Kelly Nissen and Lisa Lair.  Haley shows integrity at school and at church.  She is sincere in what she says and does.


Tori Graves-the daughter of Chris and Heather Daisy.  Tori does a great job in life using her integrity both during the school day and outside of the school day.  She always follows through with what she says she is going to do.  In addition, she holds others accountable to a high level of honesty as well.


Dylan Howell - the son of Mark Howell and Heather Howell.  Dylan shows great integrity in everything he does.  He is easy to talk to and honest in his opinions.


Gary Gardner - the son of Chuck and Charla Gardner.  Gary always stays on task, and is respectful.  He takes care of his responsibilities, is honest in his thoughts, and shares his opinions with respect and support.









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ELC students show examples of Honesty