Reilly Dickson


Honesty January 2018

Reilly Dickson


Student Info: Reilly Dickson was born October 14.  Reilly is 10 years old and  in 4th grade this year at Demoney Elementary.


Family: Reilly is the son of Nicolas and Gwen Dickson.  


Likes / Interests: Reilly has many interests including: Star Wars, dogs, playing video games


Quotes from staff/teachers:   Reilly is a wonderful student.  He is kind and generous to others and always helps those around him.  Reilly always strives to do his best and is always honest.  Reilly is a great role model for all other students and follows our school’s PBIS expectations.  


Trait Information: Reilly was chosen by his grade level to represent the character trait honesty due to his actions in school and in the community.  Reilly displays honesty all the time.  He stands up for what he believes in and he makes good choices.  He shows others how to be honest as well.


Reilly wants to be a cop when he grows up.

The ELC School District, KILR, and the community of Estherville would like to thank Reilly Dickson for being a person of character and leadership!