Natalee Reitz


Honesty January 2018

Natalee Reitz


Student Info: Natalee Reitz was born March 20th. She is 5 years old and in Kindergarten this year at Demoney Elementary.


Family: Natalee is the daughter of Krystal Reitz and Grant Hansen.   


Likes / Interests: Playing with Shimmer and Shine toys, listening to music, swimming at the lake, eating her favorite food mac and cheese and red apples.  


Quotes from staff/teachers:   Natalee is nice and friendly.  She is alway happy and nice to be around.  


Trait Information: Natalee was chosen by her grade level to represent the character trait  Honesty  due to her actions in school and in the community.  Natalee does a great job with peers and adults being kind and making good choices.  She is honest to herself and others.  She is a kind person and a good friend.  


When Natalee grows up she wants to be: A Teacher

Advice for other students: Being honest shows good character and in making good choices.  

Natalee felt excited when she heard she received student of the month.

What honesty means to Natalee. Making good choices.  

Why Natalee thought she got nominated: Because she makes good choices and does what is right.  

What Natalee thought her parents would say when they heard she received the award: Very proud!

Favorite thing they did last summer: Swimming!!

The ELC School District, KILR, and the community of Estherville would like to thank Natalee Reitz for being a person of character and leadership!